Waterfalls on the spring on Divljakovic

  •           Springs and streams of Stapari are known for a large number of underground waters. These waters flow underground in the higher parts of the village, and thanks to the quality of the soil, they reappear in the lower parts. One of them is the Postjenica spring, or the spring of Divljaković (as the locals call it).

                Postjenica springs in the hamlet of Postjenje and together with the stream of Bošnjaković flows into the Volujački stream. Steep cascade terrain, through which it flows, enabled the creation of several successive waterfalls. The first of them is located a few hundred meters from the spring at the edge of a grassy plateau below the old mills. With the help of a large cliff it turns into a powerful waterfall, which disappears into a large crater below the asphalt road, and then re-emerges in the form of a new waterfall, thus creating a beautiful and sparkling waterfall that shines through a wooded area. Water potential of this spring is so strong, that at one point, there were five mills using its power, and their remains can still be seen today. This spring is located 3 km away from the center of the village, and it is possible to reach it from Užice from two directions:

    1. Uzice Volujac ( at the junction on the left, the second turn to the left on the asphalt road, along the road leading to the church of Stapari)  - ( 12 km)
    2Uzice Sinjevac - Stapari (the road leading to the church of Stapariи) -  ( 11.8 km)
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