St Sava's stone


       In the hamlet of Dolovi,  about 150m further away from the stream Dolovi, is situated an interesting place called The stone water better known as St Sava’s Stone. As we are approching, the white marble cross is visible with an inscription ‘Stone Water of Saint Sava’. This cross was built in 2000 by Hadzi Milivoje Jaraković. Just below the cross there is a chalk stone about 120cm long. Inside of this rock there are four holes, all of them faced to the cross. One of them is full of water and people from the village rince their eyes with this water strongly believing that it is a healing water.Those four holes could not be made by people as it is visible that the nature did it.

    According to the legend, Saint Sava had once passed by on his horse and as there was mudy, all four of the legs have stayed in the mud and that after that the tracks became stoned. All of four holes are placed in a way approximately to the average space between the legs of a horse. People come here especially  on Saint  Sava’s Day to take a cup of this healing water. Gallery HERE