The first school in Stapari was built in 1892 and was located between present-day school playground and an agro-products shop. A particular act dating from 10 September 1892 by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs of the Kingdom of Serbia, approved the opening of the Elementary school in Stapari. It was an elementary school consisting of four grades which worked without any interruption until June 1914, before continuing its work in 1919. During the Second World War, the school worked with small interruptions.

In 1957, it added two more grades, and later it grew into an eight-grade elementary school. In 1959 / 60 the building, which houses this institution today, was built, and it was named Elementary school "Milivoje Kojadinović". In the summer of 1970, the school "Milivoje Kojadinović" was shut down, but in the summer of the same year, by the decision of the Municipal Assembly of Titovo Užice, a new eight-grade primary school in Stapari was established, which, by the year of 1975, had 225 students divided in 10 classes. It was shut down as the independent elementary school in 1981 and worked since then as a separate department of elementary school "Andrija Đjurović" from Užice. The new change of school's name occurred in 2003, when "Andrija Đurović" changed its name, and it became "Prva osnovna škola kralja Petra II" ("The First Elementary School of King Peter II"). Between the years of 2003 and 2012 the school building went through many improvements: the roof was reconstructed, the plumbing was improved, central heating was introduced and the schoolyard was rebuilt, so that today, its amosphere and  conditions are at a very high level, unlike most rural schools. Today, this school has 31 student.


Phone: 031/38-07-030