The position of the willage


Stapari is a mountain village in the Zlatibor district in the municipality of Uzice. It is located at 43 ° 57'01'' latitude and 19 ° 44'28'' longitude. The village center is located 10 km away from Uzice. The eastern border starts at the outskirts of the town and it extends through the krast area towards the slopes of the mountain Tara in the west where it borders with the local communities of Bioska and Vrutci. The river Djetinja makes the southern border, while to the north it borders with the local communities of Zaglavak and Volujac.

Stapari can be reached from three directions:

1. Travelling through Uzice:
Uzice - Volujac - Stapari (16 km)
Uzice - Sinjevac - Stapari (10 km)
Uzice - Staparska banja (along the section of the narrow gauge railway 10 km)

2. Travelling through Kadinjaca:
Kadinjaca - Ponikve - Stapari (10 km)

3. Travelling through Kremna:
Kremna - Bioska - Stapari (21 km)

In addition to the road traffic, Stapari can be reached with a train, the Belgrade-Bar railroad passes through the southern part of the village where the Stapari station is located. Since the airport Ponikve belongs, to a certain extent, to the territory of Stapari, in addition to ground transportation, Stapari can also be reached by air, or by any other means of transport, except by boat.
Distances between Stapari and other famous tourist destinations:
Mountains:Tara (26 km), Zlatibor (37 km), Mitrovac (58 km), Divcibare (63 km)
Lakes: Vrutci (6 km), Zaovine (54 km), Perucac (33 km), Ribnicko jezero (52 km)
Monasteries: Rujan (6 km), Raca (28 km) Dubrava (56 km), Uvac (57), Dobrun (46 km), monasteries of Ovcar banja (53 km), Karanska crkva (26 km)
Cities: Visegrad (58 km), Guča (59 km), Kremna (21 km), Mokra Gora (31km), Tornik (39 km), Mackat (19 km), Zlakusa (27 km), Kadinjaca (10 km), Stopica pecina (38 km), Potpecka pecina (22 km), SKI center Tornik (46 km)