The name of the village


       In the written documents, the name of the village was first mentionned at the end of 15th century while the village of Trnava, part of Stapari was first mentionned in 1572.   Stapari Is famous by animal husbandry and dairy. The root of the word Stapari is in facte the word  ‘stap’ described by Vuk Karadžić , vessels used for making dairy products. That were the name of Stapari came from, the village of people who make dairy products and use staps, wooden vessels. Local people and people from the nearest villages use the word Stopari for this village as well. The second name might be coming from the syntagma ‘sto pari’ which refers to hundred pair of oxen related again to the animal husbandry. Other villages with the same name, in Northern Serbia for example or in Western next to Valjevo have got their name from Stapari.