Megara cave



This cave is located in the hamlet of Mojkovići, in the limestone area, in the direction  of northwest - southeast. The name Megara is of Illyrian and Roman origin and it means a "shrine for sacrifices". It was the temple of Jupiter of Partini, who was worshiped by the old Partini, an ancient Illyrian tribe. The cave consists of a main walkable canal about 52 meters long and a smaller one that branches out immediately before the cave entrance, about 5 meters high. The main cave canal ends with a tide, around 3 meters high, below which is another cave canal with a loud water course. These two canals are positioned at an angle of 55˚. According to these facts, Megara cave if formed by two canal systems; the higher one is dry, while the lower one is filled with water. In the hamlet of Utrina near Sinđić's houses there is a cave opening, called the Upper Megara (Megara Sinđić) and it is considered to be associated with Megara cave in Mojković, but this is yet to be confirmed. Megara cave, due to its characteristics and beautiful environment, rappresents an interesting touristic potential of the area.

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