Local community


    The status of local community of Stapari was much more important in the past and its territory  was much bigger. Today separate community of Volujac used to be a part of Stapari. While Serbia was principality 1839  new administrative units were created, called boroughs. That  is exactly when Stapari has got a status of a local community and its sort of a court. First mayor if we can call him that way was Lazar Nenadic (Radojicic) with his assistants Vaso Knezevic and Todor Mitrasinovic (Danicic). By the legal act in 1944 the smaller boroughs are merged and that is when Kačer and Ljubanje became part of borough of Stapari but only for two years, utill 1846. From its foundation in 1839 to 1890 it was part ofc the district of Zlatibor, and from 1890 to 1945 part of the district of Uzice. The status of local community was given to Stapari in 1962 and today it is part of the bourough of Uzice.