The central hunting area around Djetinja belongs to Stapari’s teritory. Hunting ground called Djetinja has the surface of 54000 ha and is under direction of Association of hunters ’Aleksa Dejović’ from Uzice.

The lowest point is at the same time a border line with another hunting ground that belongs to hunting association of Cajetina, this place is called Staparska banja (510 m) while the highest point of this district is Bukovik (978 m).

The part of this hunting area within the canyon is covered by different species of plants as well as an oak forest and the old fruit trees. Animals that can be found here are fox, rabbit, European pine marten, roe deer, wild boar. All of this species is part of the shooting plan for every year made by Hunting Association.  Even the examples of bear and wolf were seen here from time to time. By the action plan of few ministries the chamois will be introduced in this canyon, in  the gorge of Stapari. The presence of the otter in this area is a proof that this a healthy environement .Higher points of the village are populated by rabbit,fox, roe deer, as well as the quail during the seasonal migration in August and September. Hunting of this species that migrates is getting more and more popular and most of it is on the teritory of Stapari. The population of wild boar will be increased by the introduction of healthy examples grown in farms as the tourist hunters are getting more and more interested. As trophy, the  examples shot here are of an important value as the hunting ground and the services that work on its maintenance are of a great quality.