The arheological locality Staparska gradina



The archelogical locality Staparska gradina ia placed in the  canyon of Djetinja 11 km by western line from Uzice. Numerous probe explorations in the period from 1956-1958 had shown  well preserved layers. According to dr Mihailo Zotovic this is one of the most important archeological localities in Western Serbia. Stratigraphy layer of 3.5 meters could show three different period of cvilization: first and the oldest layer from neolithic period, middle layer from period of Vinča and the third one from the Bronze age. Massive remains of three houses and few other buildings were found during these researches. Huge wheat reserves were found in these ruins. The village was probably formed in early neolithic period  and was there untill the Bronze age. The articles found here are now in National Museum of Uzice.

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