On the border of cadastral municipalities Bioska and Stapari, from the lake of Vrutci emerges the river Djetinja with its 13km long flow through krast canyon along with a number of its tributaries, such as: Megarski stream, river Susica, Kuljanski stream... Due to the low temperature of the water, its cascade flow and abundance of oxygen, river Djetinja belongs to the top of salmonid waters in Serbia. In its whirlpools and rapids swim capital specimens of brown trout, chub, gudgeon, and beginning with the last decade, the queen of salmonid waters, huchen. In its beautiful flow, the river forms a series of whirlpools: Perisica vir, Djurov brod, Krivi vir... as well as the largest whirlpool of its flow, Staparski vir.

At the end of its flow through Stapari, Djetinja forms a little lake in which live other species of white fish where fishing with float is allowed.

 Otherwise, Djetinja is divided into two parts, governed by the rule "catch and let go." The first part is a part with the fishing lures and butterflies, and in the second part artificial flies are used.

For all these qualities, the part of its flow that belongs to Stapari represents a unique fishing experience in Serbia, a feast for the eyes and soul for true nature lovers.