Agriculture has always been the main activity of the people of Stapari. Early on it was based on raising cattle and crop farming, while today, along with potatoes, the most important products are various fruits, especially raspberries and blackberries.

    The number of cultivated products, as well as their marketing, depended on the market policy of the state and the applied modalities. Because of that, back in 1924, when the cooperatives in Serbia were just starting to develop, the people of Stapari founded their own agricultural and credit purchasing cooperative. This form of association has significantly influenced the life of the villagers. The cooperative of Stapari in the 1960s was united with the cooperative of Užice and they coexisted until the end of the last century. In addition to this cooperative, a significant impact on the development of agriculture had a village of Ponikve, with a large piece of its territory belonging to Strapari.

     Important roads such as: "Kiridžijski drum" dating from the Turkish period, which linked Užice to eastern Bosnia, Užice -Sarajevo railway, Belgrade-Bar railway, Višegrad-Užice highway and Ponikve airport, had a major role in the development of the village.

    The stone used for many of the facilities in the village was taken form the three nearby quarries.

    The industrialization of the country which began in the second half of the last century, sparked off a migration of a large number of residents from villages to towns, and thus significantly changed the picture Stapari. The economic revolution and the development of private enterprises also had a major impact on the economy of the village. Between 1992 and 2013 on the territory of Stapari, at different times, worked 21 grocery stores, 7 taverns and one dairy store. 

    On the territory of Stapari, as of today, the most important economic enterprises are: Public company "Airport Ponikve" - Užice, Air traffic control of Serbia and Montenegro, production facility "Boki plast" - owned by Željko Perisic, STR "Bukovik" - owned by Aleksandar Acimovic, facility for purchasing and processing of wild fruits and berries DO "Sablja" - owned by Mirko Bogojević, automobile repair shop SZR "Vukovic" - owned by Milisav Vukovic, FLASH MAKER wholesale and decorative bags production - owned by Borisa Ilic, and building company SZR "Gago" - owned by Dragan Vasic.