Culture and tradition



The recent past of Stapari is completely different from today’s life especially when it comes to cultural heritage. Gathering, fairs, celebrations those were the places where the tradition could be preserved through dancing, story telling, hand works. Our ancestors did not really care about the places to gather, it could be in the open air. In 1949, after the construction of The house of culture the conditions for cultural development of the village were made. The libarary and a little cinema were open, the Assciation of Youth of Stapari was formed as well as the Cultural Association for traditional dance KUD ‘Stapari’. During the bank holidays and on weekends there was many events like concerts, theatre plays, film screening etc. Unfortunately, these days belong to the past.

The village degradation these days is more than visible. The deserted roads, fields and gardens are a proof for this. However, according to proverb the hope dies last we can only hope that some of the grandchildren will come back, repair grandad’s house and start working on the field. Unfortunately, the stories, legends and unwritten words must be charrished as they can not be perserved in any  other way. The truth is that people cannot live from culture and tradition but thanks to them, they exist and endure. Thanks to those people from Stapari we will never forget some important things:


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