Agricultural potential


The Plateau of Ponikve is situated on the North-east from Užice on the teritory of borough of Užice and the borough of Bajina Bašta, the community of Zaglavak, Bioska and Stapari.  Most of it is palced at the teritory of Stapari. A lot of sunny days during the year, fertile soil and  accessible ground have offered good conditions for the agricultural development in this area but that was stopped during the war

 In 1947, this land has been plown and from that moment the agricultural economy started developing. The proprietors were different : ‘Čajetina’ ‘Karadjordjevo’, ‘Tara’ and finaly the Airport of Ponikve.  The production is good for potatoes, barley, rye, oat and strawberries. This vaste space with the altitude of 900m is suitable for livestock  breeding which used to be a main activity here. The cow farms, pigs, sheep have provided enormous meat production.  Right next to the regular production, Ponikve was considered as a experimental wealth which explains great potential but unfortunately not that attractive these days.