The house of culture



The House of Culture was built in 1948/49 by the villagers. At the beginning they made a cooperative  where people could bring their products to sell, together with  workshop, TV hall and library. In the great hall there was a film screening, theatre shows and parties. For a certain period it was also a place to live for some teachers.


Events were organised by Youth organization of Stapari and they had also founded their own Society for Culture and Arts. In the 80es this was a place where many stars were singing: Miroslav Ilic, Era Ojdanic, Snezana Djurisić, Tomislav Colovic, Nada Topcagic, Gordana Lazarevic, Vera Matovic…

Thanks to the majors of the village, it was repaired and refurbished so it represents one of the best guarded monuments of the Ex-Yugoslavia.