The church


The chruch of Stapari is dedicated to the angel Gabriel, it was built in 1821. In the book of Joakim Vujic, we could read  that the date of its construction is 1820 by the merits of the count Jovan Mićić and count Sredoje Arsenijevic. The writer emphasise that at the place of this church, there was another one burnt by Turks. It was built from a special type of stone, very rare at the time. It is a one-shipped building with an apside on southern side and with the narthex on the weastern side. The upper parts of the walls are full of fresques probably painted between 1851 and 1862. During the first rulership of Count Miloš Obrenović. This church was built before those in Uzice, Cajetina, Bioska, Kremna, Mokra Gora, Dobroselica, Jablanica. The parish of Stapari was one of the biggest in this area during the 19th century. It was a main church for the village of Stapari but also for Volujac, Buar, Bioska, Kremna, Mokra Gora, Drijetanj, Tripkova and Solotusa.