Ponikve airport



On the mountain plateau in the eastern part of the mountain Tara, near Uzice Ponikve airport is located.Its eastern part of the airport facilities: air traffic services, drive east apron and warehouse are was located in the village of Stapari and most important infrastructure project in Stapari.The airport has a runway orientation 107057'1 "- 287057'1" with asphalt frame dimensions 3,087 meters long and 45 meters wide.Elevation threshold 10 is 918.11 meters and 899.49 meters threshold 28.The average gradient runway is 1.2%.The working function of air traffic control tower with all the functions of CTR, TWR and ARO located south of thresholds 28th.The main direction for landing the track 28, a major route for take-off path is 10. Flying is carried by the instrument for imprecise approach (as a function of the NDB Sevojno and radio beacon in Stapari), during the day.

 Was built is in the period from 1979 - 1983, and was is possessed by units of the Yugoslavian Army in 1992.During the NATO aggression in 1999. The airport Ponikve was the primary target of enemy aircrafts.Attacked him a total of 48 times and in relation to the surface of the object that represents the most bombs thrown in the FRY.Based on the conclusions of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, 22.10.2010. Agreement signed between the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the City of Uzice, which is a complex airport Ponikve transferred to the use of the City of Uzice.On the basis of the signed Agreement, the Assembly of Uzice at the session held on 3.2.2011. decided to establish the PE for airport "Ponikve" in Uzice and performance of airport services.The Official opening of the airport was staged 10/05/2013. when it was officially presented Permission to use the airport "Ponikve" -Užice PE "Ponikve" Airport.(No. 3/6-06-0022/2013-0010 ffrom 10.1.2013.).

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